Friday, 7 June 2013

June News

We’re rolling into June and the weather here is rather cool and rainy. Far from being disappointed, though, that the summer sun is not lending its rays to my vegetable garden’s well-being (cabbage, tomatoes and green peppers this year ... hopefully), I find the weather quite inspiring. It’s days like these that I step outside my door and think, “this feels like a Scotland morning.” Funny that almost nine years after my visit to that wonderful, mysterious and rainy place, I still measure the cool, wet days here in Canada by how closely they resemble the land of my ancestors. It must be a previous life thing ...

Legend of the Mist progresses nicely. I had a wonderful writing session the other day where I got to describe, for the first time, Norah’s inexplicable connection to things of the past on the island of Fara (if you’re not sure what that means, I invite you to check out the sample chapter I’ve added to my Goodreads page here). I love those times when my writing goes like that: the story seems to take on a life of its own, and by the end of it, I’ve woven passages with so much more detail and depth than I had ever suspected were lurking in the corners of my mind.

I had said that I hoped to have Legend of the Mist out by the end of the summer, and I still think I am on track to hit that deadline. Fingers crossed. I am also considering releasing Legend of the Mist through CreateSpace, so that those who might want it can order a hard copy of my book. And I will be first in line to do so, you can be sure! Details will follow here, on Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter when I’ve got it all straightened out. And finally, I continue to work on other, separate writing endeavours, including blogging and article writing, for the fun of it. And under a nom de plume : )

Well then, so marches on the summer, and so must I with my writing. Until next month, my dear readers, when I promise to have another update, cheers to all.


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